Learning Spanish


Learn Spanish Numbers  v.1.0

Best way to learn Spanish numbers 1-10 Problems learning Spanish numbers?

Learn Spanish and Speak Espanol

Learn Spanish and Speak Espanol is a revolutionary and award winning new system for learning Spanish designed by language experts. The program contains personalized lessons that give special attention to every day language and pronunciation. Users have


Easy Spanish Dialogs  v.3 1

Easy Spanish Dialogs is a very practical study tool for learning Spanish, it gathers 551 pcs dialogs from about 10 common life scenes. Scenes such as traveling, shopping, making calls, greetings and so on. The software presents the content of


SpanishUno is a comprehensive software for learning Spanish and is considered one of the most advanced of its kind. SpanishUno is designed by language education specialists and offers a complete online Spanish Language Learning System.

Learn Speak Spanish  v.3.3

Learn To Speak Spanish is specially developed for people who are learning a new language.

Learn To Speak Spanish

When we are playing games, surfing on line or doing some other work we spend a lot of time on waiting. How can we make full use of the waiting time? To use this software to learn foreign language, I think, is one of the perfect ways. Learn to Speak

WordBird Learn Spanish Level 2  v.

Now is the time to learn Spanish. We hope you downloaded and enjoyed using the FREE version and Lesson 1 of Wordbird. Those two versions taught you almost 200 words. Please review those two applications often, to commit those words to memory.

Level 5, WordBird Learn Spanish  v.

Level 5. Practice. Master. Commit to memory. WordBird is like having your own Personal Spanish Tutor. We hope you downloaded and enjoyed using the FREE version and Lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Wordbird. Those five versions have taught you almost 550

Speak Mexican Spanish  v.

Hear and Learn the 500+ Most Important Spanish Phrases! The easiest way ever!Quick and useful! Try also search "imushrooms" to find more Language Apps! This is the ultimate phrase dictionary for the Spanish language. "Speak Spanish" is an windows

PlazaLingua Learn Spanish 3D  v.1.0

*** PlazaLingua is celebrating its launch with an 80% off sale (regularly priced at $14.

Lingoversity  v.

Lingoversity is specifically designed to increase your vocabulary in an effective and friendly way. Unlike traditional learning methods, our concept has the power to stimulate, excite and motivate students.

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